Thoughts on celebration

As I am experiencing again another Christmas holiday season my mind processes some thoughts that have been troubling it over the years regarding human psychology and history. I mean I am not quite sure anymore what it is that we celebrating on the 25th of December. More important what would I like my daughter to understand about this. It’s one thing to be part of some holiday celebrations because of their societal, cultural or even commercial meaning and impact and another to understand how and why these traditions and ceremonies have evolved over the millennium.

It is an important date the 25th of December there is no doubt on that. It was important long before Christianity. People were celebrating and honouring the Sun God and his indestructible force of life. On that date  the Sun after rising for  three days from the same spot and time it begins to rise in the morning earlier signalling the beginning of longer days and warmer weather. Ancient people understood this change as very important for their livelihoods as they understood and worship the Sun as a God and giver of life.

Anyway as people became more independent from the environment and nature they disassociate their own existence from nature. Then as higher beings assumed their role as masters of the planet and God’s most beloved beings. Finally humanity declared war on any other living organism on this planet assuming that everything can be exploited while at the same time  people were battling each other on which race did God loved the most.

Vanity is for sure humanity’s greatest sin and from our vanity we feed our ego that disconnects us from our inner self which is our conscious connection with every living form of energy and organism in the Universe. This is the true nature of Humanism our reconnection with our inner self and nature.

This is what we should celebrate on the 25th of December and what we should strive to succeed every day in our lives and pass on to our children.


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