Natural Laws, State responsibilities and Human Rights

After a nice evening with some friends at home with nice food and wine certain thoughts begun sprawling in my head. And then just a bit later while I was taking a shower I started unconsciously analysing these thoughts and then reconstructed them into a  coherent view.

The seeds of critical thinking where planted during dinner when I observed and then realize that everything we were consuming at the table but even more everything in the house have an expiration date. A date, a moment in time  that something becomes no good, unsuited  for use. Even ourselves have an expiration date. We consume our lives until we are no more good for use. Weird…So we also find it natural to make other things that have expiration date.

Spark, my brain neurons had just made another conjunction to a relevant stream of thoughts. My mind was influenced from another discussion I had just some days ago about a documentary called ‘Collapse’ that my brother was talking about it. It depicts a quite pessimistic scenario about humanity based on the imminent lack of adequate alternative energy resources to sustain the world’s economic system and growth. This infused my thoughts now making me realize that we have also until now treated energy as a consumable resource. Like everything else. And with the gradual decadence of moral or ethical boundaries more and more ideas and principles are being codified and transformed to  consumable goods ready to be marketed with an expiration date on them.

Technology is giving us almost unlimited capabilities and generates endless possibilities for humanity.  We can extend our lives, improve our standards of living, clean the air we breathe and the water we drink. But these are only available in a system that there will be an organization which will profit from them and a state that will tax their use.

Energy?! People pay for energy from batteries to gas, oil etc. What I always remembered from school about energy is: That energy cannot come from nothing or can just become nothing.  It transforms. Solar to wind to friction to heat. movement to electricity and goes on.

So why do people pay for energy so much. Isn’t it their human right to maintain energy? Or is it their responsibility? And for the society who is responsible for the welfare of society? Isn’t it the state? Not the government, but the state. Why doesn’t the state invest time and effort to create the conditions to maintain energy for reuse? Why energy should be lost? Why break a natural law? Especially one that has benefits.

It must be lost so  that it also has an expiration date. Right? Then it also is consumed. Energy is a commodity and therefore it must obey the laws of the market. It has a price!

Energy has become a tool to enslave people, to fight for, to compete to the end. The same has become to technology. Technology is an accomplishment of  human creativity, imagination and intellectual capability. It has the power to free people from the shackles of our instincts. To free people from labour, hunger, disease and more. Instead is too codified, priced and competed for. It is put under the psycho-philosophy of a cost based behavioural economy. People think everything in terms of their cost. So that they can feel rectified morally and ethically when they ask for the profit. It suits our psycho-synthesis. Our instincts. Why?

By this time I got pretty lost in my thoughts. Then suddenly perhaps in an unconscious last effort of my mind to put a positive note to this brainstorm I thought:

What would we be without instincts? Perhaps all this thinking processes and ideas, behaviours need to go through our instinctive, primal urges to achieve evolution.

Is there just one answer? Who knows. I think the important thing is to keep, wondering, keep questioning. keep discovering by breaking the laws of our cultural, biological and social beliefs and norms.


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