My dear Holland

I have decided to write this small letter to you as a ‘buitenlander’ living here for the last 4 years. What I write to you is just my sincere observations and may not reflect the reality at all. It may well be just my own disturbed reality.

During my stay here I have been noticing the last two years a great move of the people and more importantly unfortunately of the government to the far right of the political spectrum.

The issue is that you, Holland, are a great country that offers a great deal of opportunities to a lot of people. You have over the years accepted in your arms many people from many countries. But the Dutch people always seem to have, in my eyes at least, a false sense of understanding or self-rightfulness. They believe that their society is so open and tolerant. Most people from abroad though feel differently. Dutch society, has evolve into an individualistic and
capitalistic society like most of western societies. As long as someone or something does not cost anything to the society or does not threat to alter anything substantially within the cultural and socio-political norms of the
country then it does not make a difference what or who you are.

More importantly, people here lack the sense of constructive criticism my dear Holland. They take everything the government or the media tells them passively. Maybe this is the result of conformity, the luck of great inequalities in the society, or monarchy I do not know. Even though there is quite a strong debate going on here Holland with the strong presence of civil organizations and of the other ‘non-government organizations’ there is still in my eyes a great democratic gap. The media do not inform, they dictate. You see the most important TV social or political programs they do not have critical observations or debates between different parties. They have monologues between participants that dictate and justify their opinion. No one is there to criticize them or to comment on how this information in produced or by whom.

Honestly I cannot understand how people here believe that their society and government is so fair and at the same time they are been spied on by the police state without their knowledge and their civil and human rights are being oppressed while the state takes 40 % of their wages in taxes without even providing free Health Care!! Of course this is not different in many other countries but at least people have the correct perspective. They react, they march they demand and … they are ignored so they leave the country, like I did. Fine, that is something at least. You can see the hypocrisy there and it stares you back in your face. Here, you are not even allowed to criticize. All these civil society organizations and the supposedly non-government organizations who fight each other for the same subsidies and money from the government, exist only to make hundreds of useless researches just to reassure the same people who pay for them. Then they all come together to congratulate each other, feed their vanity and their sense of self-righteousness and give themselves a pat on the back.

Some people here Holland are treated like holy icons that no one wants to touch. As if these people are above the law or holy. For example the Royal Family. No one dares to criticize what the Royal Family does with the money that takes from the government every years and even more why should they even take money at all. The police has also change their code of conduct from being the authority that serves and protects the people to the authority that controls society and imposes the law.

Finally with the big issue that troubles you these last years about the integration and the threat of the Islamization. People believe that now, after being so tolerant all these years, now they have to be stricter to protect their cultural tradition and the safety of their society against the threat that comes from the Islamic immigrants. But, I am sure you understand Holland that most of the Islamic people that came here in the 60’s and the 70’s or so were very welcome to stimulate the economy and they have offered a lot in this field and in many more other areas or professions that other people do not like to even consider. But now that their numbers have risen and it cost more to intergrade these people and is impossible to assimilate them is better and cheaper to kick them out.

Well, cynicism and hypocrisy at this magnitude is not only hard to hide but can only be matched up with sarcasm. Even this though is getting harder and harder to do without losing your mind. Take it from a Greek person that has also lived in a society of mass disobedience and knows how the masses can destroy the fabric of a society or a state.

Please remember that what I tell here is my own opinion and something that I would like to openly discuss since I am never absolute in my opinions and I strongly believe that the best opinions comes from after opposing a thesis with an anti-thesis and then have a synthesis.

Having said these things I still believe in you my dear Holland and I know that in the end the society of yours will find a way, to move forward. Towards where exactly no one knows but I hope is going to be towards an honest and fair future.

Proost !!!!


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