Drinking Thoughts Clouded in Smoke – Biology/ Sex Relations/ Communism

Some time ago I was having some drinks with some friends in a bar in Amsterdam and we ended up having a really interesting discussion. We started talking about the differences between women and men and why the men dominated society was proven catastrophic for mankind.
I argued against my friend’s opinion who supported that the reason why the system at this moment is so unjust is because it is created by a dominant male culture. I tried to explain that women cannot forego  their responsibilities and their role in the history of ‘mankind’. Besides, humanity is a species, like all, that has both male  and female sex.
Why many tend to say that behind a great man there is always a great woman but they never say that behind a bad man there is always a bad woman? Ok, that is a very weak argument many might say as my friends at the bar did too. But wait, there is more…. I continued by arguing that for every man the relationship that will define his actions and behaviour is the relationship with his mother.

Needless to say that my friends were still not convinced.  I am a bit sceptical about the whole issue of feminism that argues that all responsibilities for the failures of our history fall to men and all the hopes lie to women getting into power. Even if I was maybe inclined to consider this true, still I was  very un-prepared to accept full responsibility.

Soon our little conversation  went to a new level when my idealistic friends begun to express their disappointment for our cruel , in-humane present society. I was always part of the people who think that mankind is just another animal category like all the mammals. My friends believe that humans are more than just that.
I feel that this belief leads to a dangerous path. Then we start making claims that we have souls that we are God’s special, chosen creation, made to His image or that we deserve paradise (but we can never have it). I was, and still am, adamant. We are animals; mammals!
And that’s why I give a lot of importance to biology. As paranoid androids our friendly discussion spiralled to a new dimension and we began talking about the biological characteristic of the two sexes. I believe that the fundamental preconditions between the two sexes are defined by biological conditions.  One of the most remarkable, noticeable behaviours of the males mammals is that males  are polygamous while female mammals tend to be monogamous. The males will look to mate with the most females (in numbers) to have as many offspring’s and they will be ready to fight for them while the females will (always) focus to lure the strongest and the best males to mate. These instincts make men to have more simplified understanding and also to be more inclined to strength and violence and women more complex, and more incline to deception.
My friends of course rejected my views by giving examples of monogamous people or and mammals. I replied that what I was trying to say all this time is that men and women, males and females, have equal responsibilities and most importantly that they are different and they will never be the same. Same and equal is not one thing.

Our conversation was intense but fun as we continuously tried to be each other’s devil advocate. As the hours passed by and our eyes and minds became heavier by the cigarettes and the alcohol our conversation took another giant leap to the forms of production of the unjust system that started this whole bizarre dialectical adventure.

Finally we had something in common to share. That was a sense of nostalgia for the loss of revolutionary, critical spirit in our contemporary societies. As if we were coordinated, we snapped the opportunity to explain this consuming/producing system that we live in, that produces only more and more junk and garbage. We came to realize that our current system follows the blueprints of male instincts and that socialism as a system that promotes  more essential science of dissemination of power and wealth through the notion of collectivism perhaps follows the blueprints of the female instincts. Maybe is not by chance that feminism and communism emerged chronologically relatively close to each other.

Wait a minute, did this meant that my friends were right after all? Well, partly because it is important to remember that it is both the responsibility of men and women for the shit hole that we are in right now. Or maybe we are not?!


3 thoughts on “Drinking Thoughts Clouded in Smoke – Biology/ Sex Relations/ Communism

  1. yioda

    how many times did i say that i love your writting? I ll say it once again….and have in mind that i dont usually say compliments for other peoples writting 🙂

  2. thoro imagezine

    as much as i know you .. i know it is very hard for you to admit your friends were right ( at least for the conversations sake )even partly 😉

    keep arguing , writing and thinking …. while having a drink in the meantime

    1. Dankjewel bro. I feel there is nothing more freeing than writting. Its a shame that i cannot discipline myself into write more consinstently.
      Spiral Out! Follow the Fibonachi!!

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