Festival Reflections


Back to work today after a three-day festival. I am trying to focus my mind and be ‘productive’. No use, my mind and spirit is still in the fields of Lowlands. What a great time we had there with nice friends, great weather and amazing music.Work seems now such an un-natural process. An obligation, a necessary evil. Honestly how many people can say they feel fulfilled by doing their work. Not many I guess.Partly this is due to the fact that so many jobs have become so mechanized that the meaning, purpose, end product of one’s labour disappears.

Anyway, back to the festival now, I was struck by the diversity of styles of people and genres of music. Such a great mix and variety. And people react so differently with music. As if the same music can touch different strings in each person’s heart.

So many artists have played in the festival and all of them seemed grateful for the people supporting them. Ad then i realized that is us the public together with the artists tha give meaning to the sounds of music. Is the duality of art & public that generates this diversity, this explosion of emotions through artistic expression.

Duality creates diversity. There is a divide in people in our days between singularity (1) and nullity (0). Is there a single life-giving truth (God) or life is an accident(atheism).

I come to realize that is duality (multiplicity) that can allow life to evolve through diversity. Accepting multiple truths or Gods makes one humble, open to accept different views without fear or hate. Singularity can make one selfish as it nurtures the belief that only your truth (God) is real and you are then the chosen one. On the other hand nullity can make one arrogant and self absorbed.

Once we have become disconnected from our natural environment we begun trying controlling it. We have become the shapers of our own little world each gasping to create its very own Garden of Eden. We turned from hunter gatherers who were depending on nature and therefore worshipping our multifaceted nature, to farmers the rulers, owners of nature. We then begun thinking in terms of owing our destiny, worshipping only our own perspective on nature and the cosmos (1) or even more worshipping and believing ourselves and nothing else (0).


To close by coming back to music I like to mention some lyrics from the soundtrack from the movie Fight Club:

‘Its only when we lose everything that we are free to do anything’


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