Life without Myths and Heroes: Humanity’s Adulthood

Long time since my last post…many excuses for that. Now let me find the best way to excuse myself to you. I find myself working hard. Even though my job is not extremely demanding i daily work hard to come into terms with the minimum i feel is required from me to do to fulfill my responsibilities or duties as a father, a boyfriend a member of this society a citizen of this state or whatever else  category my existence ends up belonging to.

So i found my self almost every afternoon lying on the couch in front of a screen with images and sounds coming out of  a box sucking my life force away from me. And the worst part is that i think i like it. In a sick way i feel that this is the time of the day that i do what i want. Relaxing! How many times over the last year i thought of writing another article or another post but i end up just postponing it for some another moment? Oh and another think. This year i turned 30. I still am not sure if this has anything to do with this ideas and feelings that go through me lately.

The truth is that the needs and necessities of life make me, and perhaps other people like myself, to feel that our personal aspirations, hopes and dreams are , at best put on hold or at worst canceled for good. This is like an emergency landing in the fields of adulthood. Here the myths are dead, there are no heroes whose life and deeds one should aspire too. Especially here in western societies our scientific and intellectual achievements have stripped our lives from the beauty and allegorical, didactic function of myths.

Even Christianity, western’s civilizations latest great  religion has been the last decades under scientific scrutiny rationalized into another sociological experiment and its various mysteries of faith explained as natural phenomena or organizational tricks of the church. We have reduced myths into fairy tales and so pushed them out of our lives as adults only to keep them locked in the world of children. Humanity’s vast mythological treasures from all civilizations, races and tribes that walked on this planet, the folk stories like ‘the red riding hood’ the ‘princes and the frog’ or a great adventure such as the story of Jason and the argonauts, Buddha’s enlightenment, Noe’s Ark only represent men’s eternal struggle for identity over the course of time and space.

It is the stories of the archetype hero figure, whose actions, decisions  will set the sociological and behavioral boundaries and norms of a folk, reveal the path of virtue, honor, glory, divinity and eternity, through a life of self-sacrifice, courage love and humility. What has become to me just recently clear is that this heroe figure is the product of our own psychological internal war between our ego and our self as we go through the transition from childhood to puberty and the disconnection from the mother figure and then our initiation to the world as adults.  This is why we wanted since ancient times for children to be part of this mythological world, to experience this magic. Because we hope that this is what they will become as adults, these stories will make the transition possible and they will take this paradigm into their lives as adults. In the past though, even as adults after our childhood we were participating in the rituals, mysteries and reenactments of the stories and the mythological adventures of the hero. The hero was alive and his example an inspiration.

Unfortunately now we use myths as fairy tales just to keep the children quiet while as adults run like hamsters the wheel of life and burden. Who are the heroes of the modern man? Under the philosophy of the economics of comfort and the idea of wealth accumulation modern heroes are the ones that achieve to live their lives with the most comfort accumulating gadgets and toys that make life easy or luxurious and offers time to feel free. Most of the times to reach someone the level of comfort society’s standard demand is imperative to borrow money and then the circle of debt begins. Most of the people on this path have given up trying to be happy trying to be complete with their destiny, which is the path of the hero, and as adults are contempt with just being comfortable.

But not all is bad, don’t get me wrong. I believe they are real heroes out there. People whose life will be the stuff of myth’s and legends. We just need to open our mind and hearts again to our childhood innocence, to allow our spirit to reconnect our ego with our self and therefore find the courage to follow the path of the heroe and defeat our fears of death or failure so that we can be reborn again and be one with the gods of our myths, the gods creators and gods destructor.


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