From shoeless to sleepless to Lowless


This time I will write about something more relax, light and maybe pleasant. Summer festivals and why we like to party!! Ok maybe the weather did not help a lot this summer the festival goers or the different festival organizations but nevertheless the people in Holland showed how much they like to party. It always amazes me what the organizers come up every festival in terms of setting up the festival area. All these  big/ little/  smart, crazy inventive and sometimes incredibly idiotic stage sets prepare the ground like invisible directors for the party freak’s holy communion of psychological, chemical and hormonal cocktail.

What also attracts my attention and curiosity are the reasons that we all come together since the very beginning of our evolutionary journey and create, discover and develop so many ways for festivity. Is like this latest advertisement of Bacardi i think where it starts by stating ‘ first there was fire and people came together’ then there was music and people came closer together and then there was the wheel and we came closer’, something like that i think, and finally it says ‘and we made Bacardi to bring all together.

None will deny that we are social beings however the reasons behind our sociality are perhaps more biological than psychological. We have evolved from creating strong family bonds, expanded them to packs and then suddenly to tribes. Why? We, compare to other mammal species, come to this world totally helpless and lets say useless. We are unable to take care of ourselves and be independent from our parents for a good 25% of our lives. Only once we reach puberty do we dare to challenge the world of our parents and we can do that only if we prove ourselves worthy by participating to the cultural, mythological ceremonies of our commonly constructed socio-psychological tradition. Then we can take our place in the adults society and to contribute evolving our beliefs and traditions.

I can think of two sort of activities we are bound to do by our biological needs and hormonal construction that can transcend to our psychological realm that feeds and dress our needs for festivity. One is our play times when we our kids. We learn how to haunt and how to fight. We fight to compete, to survive, to impress. Second is our struggles to find a partners to mate and multiply. We use all our traits, male or females to get our way and wishes done. With these behaviours we look and we discover ways to conceptualize our world around us, both the physical and the natural realms but also the social realm that is constructed by our psychological inner selves.

All these are for me so evident and remarkably apparent whenever i am jumping around like a monkey among so many other monkeys, male and females. I jump to impress, to compete to conquer and to multiply. Our inner editor of self-propagating deception translates this just as a simple need for play time and for fun. This may also be true but i fear that our primal instincts are more true and strong from what our reason has taught us to behave based on our social, cultural norms.

So, from festival to festival, from A day at the Park, to Shoeless we participate in the theatre of our common, social festivities set up and sponsored by our commercial puppeteers, enriched by liquid and many more additives only to first enjoy our lawlessness, free from our cultural/ social constrains and end up sleepless at the edge of our bedsides.


4 thoughts on “From shoeless to sleepless to Lowless

    1. Hehe I love your comment Sjaak. Maybe you are right. Things can be so much more simple. But this is how I always think, trying to find out whta lies beneath the things we consider normal.

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