Can anything good come out of the current Greek crisis?


The worst thing about the situation that Greece and the Greek people are at this moment, that they experience this prolonged socio-economic crisis, is the psychological trauma which is caused by living with no prospects, nothing to look forward in life other than a helping hand an act of charity while at the same time your national and personal identity is being demonized and stigmatized as incompetent or lazy.

Living in misery has more to do with just the amount of material goods one enjoys. It has to do with a negative cloud that sinks inside people’s heart which suffocates their creative energy and their lust for life. Only some people have the strength to overcome this sense of desperation and create something positive within such environment.

Another problem is that the rest of the people that are capable to do something creative that might have the power to contribute positively and turn this misery around decide that they can only try this somewhere else. So they immigrate, depriving their loving country with the precious capital that has some chances to make a difference…

Can something positive come out of this ordeal? For Greece, for Europe or for the world?

As far as Greece is concern the first thing that I can think of that might be consider as a possible positive development is the small chance that the Greek people will be finally liberated from the client-like dependency relationships between the public and the state that led to the monopoly of power between the 2 party political elites responsible for the monstrous, black hole of a public sector that devoured the country’s wealth.

I hope that in the upcoming elections the Greek people will start putting forward a new belief. Such a belief will have to be first ideological. An idea that will radically transform the way the country’s production processes are conceive how the Greek people conduct their social and inter-personal relations. These interactions should be conducted using as a compass the principles of solidarity, compassion and humility. The demons of racism, hatred and self-pity must be cast away in exile, never to return. For these step to have even the slightest of chance to become a reality Greece needs a new set of myths and heroes with their symbols and rituals that will curve the path the individual needs to take to allow these principles to manifest and further to instruct the individual’s and the society’s place in the cosmos.

As far as Europe now is concerned, or the EU if you prefer, what I would like to hope for as a positive aspect out of this mess is the small chance that this crisis will be what the American Civil War was for the integration and the federalization of the United States of America. In the case of the EU should the polarization between the member-states of the centre and the ones in the periphery of the EU become so intense that results to a civil war with the millions and millions of victims that the American Civil War had is perhaps unlikely. Don’t get me wrong, I mean the history of the European continent is full of similar devastating civil wars. The whole European integration project that led to the EU was a result of a similar disastrous conflict.

The conflict in Europe though will not be an armed conflict. At least not in the sense of a full scale war. It will be though a full-blown social and class conflict once again. This new financial and economic crisis will produce millions and millions of victims who they would feel neglected, disappointed and frustrated just like the people in Greece now. Migration will bring a new generation of young European citizens in a new wave of cultural and social integration. How are we going to experience this social and cultural interaction is the challenge that hides so many opportunities for the future of the people of Europe and of the world. Are we going to share this experience and challenge with solidarity, trust and care for one another?

Are we going to be able to close our eyes, ears and minds to the sirens of the corporate government elites? The global elite that only care about taking away every labour and civil right that decades of popular fight and struggles has rightfully earned the people of Europe. The elite that through intimidation tactics, with the spread of lies, fear terrorizes its own people who, like people interrogated with electroshock, are left in a state of shock and awe that their majority will be ready to see their public wealth being spread to the various different global corporations.

The opportunity is there …for Greece, for Europe …for the world. We can rise up to the challenge if we can just, as the Anonymous groups has stated, stop asking change and start being the change.


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