On UNSCR 2118 and Syria: Reality, Resolutions, Representations

This could also be called…Manufacturing Consent, very interesting read


“One overall objective of any team is to sustain the definition of the situation that its performance fosters. This will involve the over-communication of some facts and the under-communication of others. Given the fragility and the required expressive coherence of the reality that is dramatized by a performance, there are usually facts which, if attention is drawn to them during the performance, would discredit, disrupt, or make useless the impression that the performance fosters.” –Erving Goffman, The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life, London: Penguin, 1990 [1959], page 140.

While it should not be overstated as a grand victory for anti-imperialism, there is also something about the way that senior U.S. officials have been beating their chests about the passage ofUnited Nations Security Council Resolution 2118, that seems to require sober correction.UNSCR 2118deals with the destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons, or to be more exact…

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