Reaping the fruit of the War on terror against the European integration project.

Mediterranean migrant voyages -ST GraphicsThe symptoms of the two decades long propaganda of the war against terror and the Islamic axis  of evil on the European immigration policies and integration discourse uncovers the hypocrisy of the whole secular Christian European identity comedy (tragedy) drama.

For more than 4 years we in the western part of this land mass that is EurAsia are witnessing a humanitarian crisis or better say catastrophe of unprecedented proportions with dead bodies of innocent women and children are washed out the beaches were many western Europeans are having their ‘well deserved’ holiday vacation.

And we remain in disgusting apathy. Regardless of the great efforts from many civil organizations and simple individuals to alleviate the pain and the misery the see in front of them the citizens of the EU repeatedly fail to put the necessary political pressure on their respective elected representatives to force them adopt the proper foreign relation policies to ease the pressures and circumstances that generate this constant flow of immigrants or at least to initiate a common European immigration policy which will make it easier and more effective for all the countries to share the responsibility to care for these people. Worse than that we are pushed down an in-humane debate from the various national media where we even begin to justify the fascist, xenophobic arguments of European and our national authorities for our shameful apathy and inaction.EU-migration-plan-political-cartoon

This disgusting behaviour is the result of the prolonged pseudo-ideological crusade which followed the 9/11 attacks in the US which portrayed the (Christo) western block as the righteous defender of good against the (Islamic) eastern axis of evil.

A propaganda that continues still today through the debate about the immigration crisis that has been raging in Europe. The key word in this discourse is the word crisis.

Because while the EU and its people, us, all of us, are living in a continent where its population is rapidly aging, where its health care, pension schemes are almost crumbling, where there are entire villages in rural areas that are completely abandoned, where the labour market is over flooding from a mid and high level, local and global qualified work force that doesn’t want to work elsewhere; we are concerned about the effects 3 million or 4 million refugees will have on our Christian social identity.

Only when you are drowning in shit you cannot see that this tragedy is an opportunity to mend the bridges between east and west, to finally act in accord of our so called Christian belief of compassion and love upon your fellow man and in the same time give or societies the rejuvenating injection of young people who would work hard to rebuild their lives in what they can hopefully call, if we act correctly, their new home and country.


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